Private Label

HBC has the expertise, capability, capacity and flexibility to successfully service a customer portfolio. Our extensive portfolio of on-trend formulations, comprehensive scale-up capabilities and experienced technical support provide our customers with a speed to market advantage in the fast-changing beauty environment.

HBC customer partnerships are built on a foundation of operating excellence. We produce the highest quality products. Deliveries one time are rated at 97%.

At HBC development, we frequently carry out quality audits to optimize process reliability and keep the standards of manufacturing at HBC at the highest level.

Our processes, products and performance are constantly validated by our customers and we stay well ahead of required industry GMP and ISO 9001:2015 standards and cosmetics and personal care as in compliance with the EU regulations.

We are continuously improving our processes and our enabling technology to increase efficiency and to provide outstanding services. For instance, our customers can oversee the status of their orders and component inventory on-line at any moment in time.